Easy-Clear Rescue Soothing Lotion


Flare-ups due to eczema causes lots of discomfort.

Calm eczema-prone skin tenderly with EASY-CLEAR RESCUE SOOTHING LOTION which also protects the skin against future attacks and strengthens the skin to be able to manage eczema well.


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Spent Grain Wax is the natural anti-histamine that soothes inflammations.

Organic Inca Inchi Oil taken from the Peruvian Amazonian plant not only helps the skin recover from irritation, but also strengthens the skin’s protective barrier in case of further attacks.

Luxurious plant oils and Shea Butter moisturise, soothe and hydrate the skin. Two-pronged protection is provided via Totarol Extract that protects against harmful bacteria, while natural anti-oxidants protect the skin from harmful radicals.

The fight against bacteria is also handed over to the good bacteria to lead, so natural prebiotic Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide has been added to fuel its growth.

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